Becoming part of a Tribe

Our friend, Kathleen calls them our tribe, and it’s an unexpected aspect of our sailing life. The relationships that are developing.

HR Sailboat

I stumbled on the blog of SV Elsa in my idle time on the truck several months back. We corresponded on occasion but when we landed in Tacoma on Wings we found out how close by they were. We sail the same waters; Commencement Bay.

One day from our perch on the “hard” at Hylebos Marina (our haul out days), we hear a hail from a vessel directly in front of us (on the water), “Hello Fuji! It’s Elsa!” A few more words were exchanged, specifically about our precarious  means of climbing over the side of our boat and he asked if we could use a ladder. Later, Michael came by to introduce himself and extended an offer of a much better ladder then the one we were using.

Good to his word, he and his wife Kristen and her daughter Maddie arrived with a wonderful ladder and bearing a “Welcome to the PNW” present of Seattle Chocolates which were delicious! We gave them a quick tour of our messy vessel and they gave us one of Elsa which is a beautiful 38′ Ingrid Ketch.

HR Sailboat

Lenny & Lily live aboard at Tyee on a very large steel hulled vessel (which right now I have very few details on) but it’s large enough for a bathtub! Lennie works at West Marine mostly for the discount he receives on his purchases and he share’s his vast knowledge of marine vessels with customers. WM is fortunate to have people like this working for them.  We met Lennie one day as he paddled past our stern on his SUP. He introduced himself and in our conversation we discovered his knowledge of boats and his business Mason Marine Services. We see them often at Tyee and he’s been a wonderful wealth of knowledge!

HR Sailboat

The vessel Harbinger, is another sailing family who live aboard and sail in the PNW. During a conversation on their FB page, out of the blue, Michael, the captain, extended an offer to come help us on our haul out. Although we didn’t take him up on his offer, it was another “WOW” moment for us. We have met some incredibly wonderful people in this new community of ours. They are sailing the South Sound as well, and we hope to meet up with them soon.

HR Sailboat

One Wednesday evening before our haul out, we were hanging out on our boat when our dog went crazy. Two little curly-haired critters named Penny and Nickel came by to investigate the noise and not far behind came their owner, Wayne. In the course of meeting him, he invited us onto his boat for Wednesday night races. We’ve met a bunch of cool people, learned a lot, and had a blast, just because our dog barked at his dogs!

HR Sailboat

The Stella Maris is moored on our east side at Tyee a beautiful 31′ Hunter. We had a good laugh when he introduced himself because his name is Jim Carey. Now we tell people we are neighbors with Jim Carey! He and his wife Vicki invited us to join the Three Tree Point Yacht Club. That just sounds kind of hoity-toity, right? Well, there are clubs formed for various reasons and this particular one doesn’t cost much to join and it offers some services we felt could be beneficial.HR Sailboat

We love our tribe, we all look out for each other, and help when we can.


2 thoughts on “Becoming part of a Tribe

    1. They are! We were out yesterday in the south sound and heard a mayday by a sailboat nearby us so we headed in their direction but before we could get there 4 boats passed us going to help them. Makes me feel a lot more secure out here!


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