Covered Up!

After a few 90 degree days we are so, SO happy for all of our covers. Shortly after we bought WINGS the cockpit cover tenting under the mizzen boom tore. It was made from fairly inexpensive fabric and old so it really came as no surprise when it fell apart our first week aboard. Before it disintegrated into something unrecognizable, I was off to the local boat cover shop and had them copy the exact pattern but in Sunbrella this time. So now the sun can beat down all it wants and we have shade in our cockpit. We haven’t figured out how to sail with it up yet since it restricts our visibility but give Kevin enough time and he will figure something out!    But, one of our best coverups are the hatch covers sent to us by Steve Outland a fellow Fugi 32′ Ketch owner. His business, Outland Hatch Covers make these wonderful insulated hatch covers.  He custom made these for our vessel complete with the Fuji Logo!  They are beautiful with the added benefit of blocking out the 0530 sunrise and heat. Our doghouse is insulated so with the hatch covers it stays quite cool inside.       


2 thoughts on “Covered Up!

  1. Hello Kevin and Sherlene, wow !! thanks for the kind words on your blog. Word of mouth is the best advertising anyone could ask for, thank you very much. The pictures are great to see and read about. Let me know if you ever need a replacement I will take care of it. remember do not forget to twist the locks so they do not fall off. Kevin on the Fuji covers and like mine it is a little hard to take off because they are inset so drill a little hole next to one of the fasteners and put a piece of fishing line thru it and tie a not in it so you can pull on the line as you wiggle the fastener top and it will pop right off. It is just because it is inset and hard to get a grip on it. Cheers, SteveO

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    1. Thank you for the covers! We have had really HOT weather lately so it has been nice to have them. Thank you again!


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