New Places & Faces

For several days now we’ve been hankering to get out of the marina. Just go already! We had some engine issues (which will be related in another post) that had to be dealt with before leaving for new shores. But finally yesterday morning we slipped our mooring lines from the dock and headed to sea (well, a new anchorage anyway!) With the wind in our sails we made it most of the way under sail to the mouth of Quartermaster Harbor off Vashon Island, WA.

Anchoring near Quartermaster Marina, we had a quiet evening with music, fried chicken and fresh asparagus. The long motor in gave us plenty of hot water in our water heater which was still warm this morning. A Bald Eagle came for a visit on our nearest neighbor’s mast-head and even with the dark I did manage to pull him in close enough to make him out. We moved this morning a little closer to Burton Park so we could go for a hike today.

So happy to have a change of scenery.


While we had her out of the water and we knew she was going to have a new name, I carefully peeled the letters off of Ketch 22 and created a ball from the removed pieces. We saved this for our first sail and although we had christened WINGS of the MORNING right after she was reborn, yesterday we committed KETCH 22 to the deep with the help of a 1 ounce fishing weight and a shot of whiskey.


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