Haulout Day

We saw the bottom of our boat for the first time today. 



11 thoughts on “Haulout Day

    1. It made me a bit giddy but I wasn’t scared. The guy doing the haulout was very good at his job and looked it over for probably 10 minutes before he lifted it up.


      1. It has so far. We are nearly finished for the day. Kevin put in a full day of work in just a half day! Pulled 3 through holes and prepped them for re-fiberglassing plus prepped the entire hull for painting! We’ll be on that this weekend.

        Will you be going out this weekend? Were you out this past week?


      2. Michael is out right now! He’s been out every weekend. I haven’t been out for a few weeks – lots going on! But when we are headed down there, we will get in touch!


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