Beginning Cruising Life


We arrived Wednesday evening after 25-days on a van road trip pretty tired and feeling happy to be done with tooling down roads for a bit. When we left it was a full moon and trees were just beginning to show hints of green. Now all every tree is in full foliage, flowers are popping up everywhere and the moon is nearly full once again.

We stopped for a few groceries and when the time came for putting them away I had the unhappy surprise of a moldy icebox. Ick! I assumed the ice would melt and drain out but the cover/lid held in the humidity in. So my dreams of falling into bed after a hot dinner, became sandwiches after cleaning a nasty mess. Never leave any ice in the icebox when you leave for a month!

Yesterday was a day of sorting and tossing. You would think after downsizing from a 3 bedroom home this would all be done but we have found it is an ongoing job. Totes of stuff we thought we needed from our house were quickly reduced to just a handful of items. The reason? We just don’t have room on the boat.

We used to have a saying long ago when we were tempted about buying something spendy… “will it fit on the boat?”. But not in a million years did I really realize just what that would mean! Somethings in my galley (kitchen) will have to serve multiple duty.

On the other hand, when sorting through my utensils drawer I found not 2 or even 3 can-openers… who in the world needs 4 can-openers??? Even with 2 hands on the ends of my arms I can only operate 1 at a time!

The day ended with a walk down our pebble-beach which makes walking both challenging and a workout. At the far end we discovered a really cool beach-wood fort built by someone named Brandon. It was complete with a huge log entryway leading up to a room with 2 folding chairs and a sleeping bag stretched out behind on a protected strip of land. The entryway had a huge stump leveled for a table, flanked by a couple of benches and a cooler nearby. It actually felt like we were intruding.

The start of today pleasant and the flurry of yesterday has faded into leisure and relaxing in the warm sun.

It’s good to be home!


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