The Last Week of Work

This Friday will be our last day at work for a while. We are running up and down from WA to CA doing the I-5 shuffle. They do this when they want to make sure to get you home on your requested date. It seems like it can’t get here soon enough! This winter has been the longest in our memory with the worst weather! The snow picture below was taken March 5th in Nashville, TN! The next day while leaving Atlanta it was snowing. Crazy!

The month of April will be spent visiting family and… (can you believe it) another long road-trip! At least we won’t be hauling 53-feet of cargo behind us this time. We’ll meander through ID, MT and possibly WY if roads aren’t snowed in.

We begin our Puget Sound sailing adventure with an appointment May 1st for a haul-out to seal up some through-holes, new bottom paint AND renaming ceremonies! She will officially be christened “Wings of the Morning”. Our plans for the summer are rather loosely formed at the moment, although we are thinking of keeping to the South Sound through July. In August we’ll venture north to Port Townsend, The Islands and out the Straight of Juan de Fuca to briefly dip our bow in Pacific Ocean waters, not necessarily in this order. By mid-September, and all too soon in our opinion, we’ll head back for home port and fly out for our son’s wedding. It seems nearly over already!


3 thoughts on “The Last Week of Work

  1. Really, really exciting! We love Port Townsend and some of the areas between Seattle and there 🙂 If you’d like any thoughts and great little spots, let us know. We love a good excuse to ramble about our home waters! ~Jessie, s/v The Red Thread


    1. We will spend the first three months in the South sound. Would love to hear where you have sounds good anchorages there. we have spent quite a bit of time in the islands and love it! my favorite is Patos and Sucia.


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