Baking/Cooking & Hot Water


The galley on our boat came equipped with only an Origo alcohol stove top. Not knowing a thing about them I decided to keep an open mind which rapidly started to close upon use. The flame, instead of a nice pretty flower of flames spreading heat evenly over the bottom of the pan, was a towering torch, a wall of solid flame that burned everything in the center and left the outside of the pan as the clinic for the items that had just been overcooked. We cooked but with less than stellar success.

During the time between visits, I ordered an Omnia Oven to give us some other cooking options. This has worked wonderfully! It took me about 5 days to work up the courage to start using it but once started, I didn’t quit. Little golden potatoes were my first project and they turned out beautifully. Next I tried a cake, which although not pretty, was quite yummy (which is the point, right?). After this, I made a breakfast casserole, baked chicken, cornbread.. it worked into a prominent spot in my kitchen fairly quickly. And I’ve since installed flame spreaders over the torches which is a huge help in cooking things a bit more evenly.

IMG_2992 Omnia1 Omnia3

Hot Water

Having no instant hot water on tap, my hot water tank is a 61 ounce Thermos which has taken #1 place in our galley. Especially when it is the means for quick delivery on caffeinated hot drinks in the morning. Water is boiled in our big tea kettle the night before and stored in this mini tank until it’s needed. Usually I boil water 2-3 times a day for drinks and dish washing. It’s turned out to be a great solution.

Hot Water1 Hot Water2

The Thermos has these wonderful little flat spots in the rubberized grips on one side that when laid horizontal keep the thermos from rolling off the counter. It also has a collapsing handle for storing easily as well as a strap for slinging over something like hooks or shoulders.

The tea kettle pictured above doesn’t seem to be available in the beautiful copper any longer but it is a great heavy beast and I’m particularly happy to have the copper color — it is so pretty in my galley! The manual drip coffee cone is a favorite of Kevin’s for making his personality developer every morning. It works reasonable well and provided the water is already hot will make a cup of coffee in less than 5 minutes. I have discovered it does help if your grounds are fine ground. To save on paper, I’ve ordered a permanent coffee grounds filter.

Hot Water3

Hot Water4



4 thoughts on “Baking/Cooking & Hot Water

  1. So, do I understand correctly? you use the new oven to help you cook on the stove? It doesn’t replace the stove? Sounds very challenging and it sounds like you are really mastering it!


    1. Lol… I wouldn’t say I have mastered it! I am still experimenting but feel like I am not a newbie now. Since our gal he does not have an oven, this was our solution until summer comes and we can try out a solar oven.

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