A Relief from Snow

After six weeks on the road, coming home to our boat is always exciting. We spent 3-1/2 dreary weeks on the East Coast with snowstorm after snowstorm, and were really looking forward to the Tacoma forecast with highs in the 60’s and lows in the 40’s and best of all sunny. It hasn’t turned out with highs in the 60’s but sunshine has abounded and our first full day back was filled with wind. Wind is always a good thing when you own a sailboat. snowrelf-2 snowrelf Sunday we slipped the mooring lines for a delightful day of sailing in Commencement Bay complete with all the delights of this area. Mt. Rainier was in her glory and the blue sky made the water a sparkling deep blue. An eagle flew overhead worried by a couple of smaller birds. There were just enough clouds floating overhead for a nice contrast to the brilliant blue.

snowrelf-8 snowrelf-9snowrelf-4snowrelf-7snowrelf-10 snowrelf-6 snowrelf-13

SV Elsa


Monday was filled with the usual 1 day of errands and thankfully we are back with hopefully no further interruptions to this idyllic week. snowrelf-3 snowrelf-14


12 thoughts on “A Relief from Snow

  1. Welcome back to God’s country! The Washington Chamber of Commerce should pay you to do their ads–I’m not kidding–check it out cuz you’re halfway there what with your pics already copy written the work is half done already. . .
    also check out this link to a great story about the resurrection of a boat older than I am . . . .http://www.bendbulletin.com/csp/mediapool/sites/BendBulletin/News/story.csp?cid=1341744&sid=497&fid=151


    1. Well, I’m torn… I understand why the WA group wants to lay claim to the boat for the historical notoriety, the CA owner seems to have a stronger pull for me. The “Ha, see what you missed” factor and the very local of the author’s home, I vote for CA even though WA is my current part-time abode. A girlfriend of mine lived just a couple of miles away from where Steinbeck grew up so this might have an influence on my opinion.


    1. Well darn! I think I deleted it because it was too blurry. Your vessel was a long way across the bay up against the shore and I was shooting with a very telephoto lens. Now that I have connected the dots though I’ll look for you. Are you staying in the south sound this summer?


  2. Awesome! Thank you for finding it! We had never seen Elsa under sail!
    We will be Tacoma-based but hope to get out and about more this year. We should figure out how to hook up this summer!


  3. Well cool! Glad I found it. It really didn’t turn out half bad even though we were a long way off. Send an email to wingsofthemorning2014 at gmail dot com and I can tell you more of our plans privately. 🙂


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