Fresh Water

Since the day we bought our boat we have been in supply of fresh water in our tank. We didn’t know how big it was or the condition. So we finally drained the last drop Sunday night and decided to tackle that job. Kevin removed all the housing around the tank and started inspecting. Turns out the tank is beautiful inside. Clean and now full again with fresh water from the spigot right out in front of our slip.

It is a 25 gallon, stainless steel tank with 2 baffles inside. It has a sight tube that lets us see how full the tank is and it needs to be changed but that will have to wait. It requires a bit more destruction to get at then we wanted to indulge in yesterday.

We also have a water heater that is integrated with our motor. This is really nice after motoring for a few hours we have hot water. Hot water for daily use is a 61 ounce thermos, boiled in our really cute kettle which we use for making tea/coffee, washing dishes, etc.

Back in September we had some minus tides a couple of times but I didn’t get pictures of them. Now we are back in the minus tides but it is during the night and I didn’t bring a tripod with me so used my phone. Besides, these minus tides are happening way after my bedtime these days.



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