Home at Last!

For weeks we have been looking forward to getting back to our boat. Holidays with family in the midwest and Canada and then being on the road driving truck kept us away for the most part of October through December. January may be cold and rainy in Tacoma but we are cozy and warm on our boat.

We had our first company Saturday. Longtime friends that are our biggest champions came for the weekend. It was such fun to finally share our dream with them. We walked the docks, had lunch and since there was very little wind so we motored around Commencement Bay and the Rosco Lemon, a bulk cargo ship was anchored just outside our Marina so we made a circle around her. We saw an eagle, a few seals and tons of sea lions.

We love watching all the activity going on in our bay. We downloaded an app on our phone called Marine Traffic that shows us all the ships in a particular area and so we watch and can identify every working vessel we see. It gives us all the details right down to it’s size and kind and where it’s been and where it’s destined.

Rain is forecast for tomorrow but the rest of the week looks quite good. We hope to cross over to Gig Harbor for a night. We’ll  see if time allows. We drove over today to scope out the area and found a great little public dock with plenty of room right now. It’s free and that’s a pretty great price!

4 thoughts on “Home at Last!

  1. What AWESOME commentary on an EXTRAORDINARY life! 🙂 The pics are professional too! I have to say that the two of you are MEANT for THIS DREAM! It shows in your smiles, your writing and your attention to every detail of LIFE…….all that is going on around you, in you and with you! Thanks so much for sharing your journey. You truly have inspired ME…….and continue to. Sail on, my friends……..!

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    1. Ah Crystal, you’re one of greatest champions. It has been such a blessing to be fulfilling a lifetime dream like this. Kevin is happy as a clam… if clams are really happy. Thanks for your devotion to us.


  2. Riggedy Jig

    It’s easy to feel your relief to be home again–and your pictures help catch the charm of your new life. Now is the time to do exactly what you are doing. Inspires nostalgia in me since I ran out of adventure at retirement. As I’ve said in other places: “In the middle of winter and old man dreams of the summer of his youth.”

    Howsomever, going through my many, many picture albums I am beginning to feel the blood run in my veins again. Molly the Wonderdog just turned 117 years old and she still begs me to play Frisbee with her every morning–unbelievable! And then there is the two of you–inspiring! And Kathleen is just now reaching her stride–how great to have a driven, intelligent young mate! 60 Minutes tonight featured a stage play called “ALIVE” in which 50+ year old black singers tell their story and sing songs of their late in life rebirth–tremendously moving! An illiterate 75 year old with the greatest bass voice I’ve ever heard had me weeping at the beauty of his new life and the palpable pain in his voice telling of a difficult past. Not only can he sing he is now literate! Wow! Kathleen and I decided on the spot to catch their Spring performance. . .

    yur ol fren ken

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    1. Yes it has been a relief to be home. Especially when I can see the huge delight it is to Kevin. He is in his element. Your comment reminded me of this song by The Kingston Trio. Enjoy!


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