In the end… All things Wings

We have a secret. Wings of the Morning isn’t. Not yet.

When we bought her, she was Ketch 22. Technically, she still is, although in our mind she is Wings of the Morning. Next spring will be her birthing. We will haul her onto the hard and give her our name.

Meanwhile, her lines are so beautiful… I had to share.


4 thoughts on “In the end… All things Wings

  1. She is lovely!

    I can relate to a boat that is not “official” with the name. Dovid had a little 25ft CAL named Emuna but decided instead of fixing her up we would get a bigger boat for the two of us. It is still named Scotty, but it is Emuna 2 in our hearts! 🙂

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      1. At some point we will. Probably in the same way you guys are… when we have her hauled out to redo the hull zincs next May. I want to do a sort of “rebirth” renaming ceremony. We’ll see how we end up dealing with it when the time comes. 🙂

        We named our trip blog after the little boat so we kind of want to keep with the theme. Dov is Jewish and Emuna (eh-MOO-nah) means faith in Hebrew so the name of the boat has special meaning for us.

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