The ‘Hood

Tyee Marina
Tyee Marina

The Marina where Wings’ is moored is a working class neighborhood. Our view is of this gorgeous mountain is always surrounded by hulks. Once you leave the marina you dodge working vessels of all sorts. There are lots of sailboats and motorboats in the bay too. In fact, it’s not at all unusual for a day with good wind to see white sails festooning the water.

The Tyee Marina is ringed with floating relics that have been put out of commission. In fact we think one of them used to be a floating bridge. They act as a breakwater barrier and so far they seem reliable. There are a couple complications with this… one of which happens when the relics sink. Sink? Yep. These relics float and are anchored to the bay floor. They are currently dismantling this vessel that sank last year and it’s not just a week or even month-long job. I’m thinking a few months to a year.

That floating mass at water level? That’s a sunk vessel!

The other complication? Several years ago it seems, one of the relics came off it’s moorings and took out a third of the marina! I think they have those vessels more solidly secured now.

So even though we share the water with working ships, log booms and all kinds of business that depend on shipping, it is a fascinating place I don’t seem to get tired of taking pictures of!


5 thoughts on “The ‘Hood

    1. There is so much here to learn. I lived in Seattle a long time ago… for 6 months. I really like Tacoma. It has some posh & polish but a lot of hard-workin’ people!


  1. Hello Kevin and Sherlene, I am interested in talking with you about your boat. I have one as well and mine is in the restoration zone. Being very neglected for about 10 or so years I have a long way to go. I noticed some things on your boat and wanted to inquire of them. Please call me when you have a moment to talk, I live on the east coast and I know you both travel a great deal. You may call me anytime as I am a night owl. You are west coast and even if you think it is late do not worry it is alright. I am usually up till around 1 anyway. Best, Steve Outland 910-545-7174


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