Wanna Live on a Boat?

Many of you have asked us how the dogs have adjusted or “like” sailing so here are a few pictures we snapped of our furry friends and hope they tell the tale with a few words. IMG_1940Oh my… Taco! did you see there’s water all around us?

IMG_1844 So boys… you wanna live on a boat?

Harley’s Viewpoint:

You Wanna11   What will it all mean?

A boat huh… Wonder where I’ll eat?

You Wanna02 Well this looks promising… the old man is cooking!

You Wanna03 Oh Joy! Eating happens on a boat… I’m loving it!

You Wanna04 What??? Wait a minute! No one told me this boat thing was going to lay over on it’s side!!!

You Wanna06 I’m sticking close in case things get too out of control… and you better save me!

Taco’s Viewpoint:

You Wanna01 Wake me up when you’re finished.

You Wanna09 We’re going where?

You Wanna05 Well, wake me up when we get there.

You Wanna08 Not a bad life really. When do we go to bed?

You Wanna07 A few more blankets and I could sleep I think!

On the Road Again14 Harley: Well… if you can’t beat ’em, you gotta join ’em.

It really was a lot like this! Harley was nervous and easily scared and Taco took to it like everything else in his life. Just another day. They did well and we kept them in the cockpit while we were underway which made Harley really nervous. He finally climbed down in the cockpit floor and hunkered down there by our feet. Taco slept in his pillowcase sleeping bag under the dodger atop the doghouse. Neither one got sick.

They will be getting their own life preservers. It just makes sense to spend $15/ea to make sure they at least can stay afloat until we can fish them out of the water. I’m pretty sure Taco will leap in at least once! Of course, he probably won’t have it on then! We are thinking a long handled sturdy fishnet for a rescue/fishing net might be good to keep on hand!


3 thoughts on “Wanna Live on a Boat?

  1. We have a brand new fishing net (3′ wide x 4′ deep) that might make a good sea-doggie retriever. It only has a 4′ aluminum stem (handle) but it could receive a larger diameter aluminum pole like 10 or 12′ so as to give it a longer reach. It’s yours if you want it. I’ll email you a picture for your information and amazement.


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