We are not completely moved in and not entirely content on it’s presentability. But pictures are pretty forgiving and although I could have none of them are photoshopped!

There is a v-berth (bed) and head (starboard side) which are both difficult to take pictures of because of the tight quarters. There is also a hanging locker (closet) across from the head. It has quite a bit of storage but I’m still thinking we will need to downsize some more!


4 thoughts on “Interior

    1. As I think about it and as I recall your dogs sleep wherever they want to and since they are too small for life jackets they are probably locked below deck when under way. OK here’s one that I can’t intuit: do they get sea sick?


      1. Lol… the dogs under full sail are pretty much the same as they are anywhere. Taco sleeps inside the pillowcase of his down pillow and Harley wanders around looking nervous trying to get into one of our laps. They both were in the cockpit when we went sailing. Harley is getting used to it but Taco, meh… just give him a place to sleep and he’s good!


  1. The photos do not do your boat justice – I know, because I’ve been on a Fuji 32 ketch (way, way over here on the Chesapeake Bay!), and they are sweet boats! And very nicely, carefully built! Did you notice how ALL the fiberglass edges were taped? (Look in a locker, pull out a drawer: the fiberglass cloth edges are ALL clean!) The interior woodwork is superb, better than most people’s furniture, for sure. The steering is a solid worm gear, so no fear of losing a cable in heavy seas . . . and did you notice that the cockpit seats are slanted just a little to drain rain when sitting quietly at anchor? And, of course, the classic Alberg-style hull . . . Several of us here were lusting after her the Fuji we were able to tour . . . So, just in case your landlubber friends don’t know a good boat when they see one, I’ll tell ’em for you: Hey, y’all! This is one sweet, strong, damned-nice boat!

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