Moving Day

The Transaction1

After waiting weeks, and weeks, (and weeks), the big day was here. On Sunday we bought a Mini-van, and a Dinghy. On Monday, we got to see the boat again for the first time in a month, fall in love all over again, and hand the previous owner a check. I had some specific questions about how to operate the various gadgets/equipment, and that was covered. What I heard was Waaa, waaa, waaa, (Like the adults in a Charlie Brown movie) and some “open this, close that”, and a couple of “don’t touch that”.

Keep that in mind for later posts.

Very quickly, the boat was ours, the marina slip was ours, the dinghy was tested and stored on deck and we were ready to move on.
I am tempted to say “All too soon” the boat was ours, but that would not really be true.

When we were looking at boats a month ago, I had decided to forgo the usual process of paying for a professional boat survey, getting the boat hauled out of the water, etc, etc. I envisioned searching the boat over slowly, sticking my head into each corner, wiggling each hose and wire to my own satisfaction.
What actually happened was that each time, the owner was standing nearby, wanting to explain, direct, and otherwise move things along. I bought the boat so I would have time to do my inspection. Not the “normal” way, and probably for good reason, but that’s me. I tend to jump in up to my ankles, and I’m not talking feet first!

Anyway, the van was soon empty, and I was looking for my tool bag. No tool bag. I had left it behind the van back at work when I was loading. Bummer. A couple phone calls, and a trip back the the yard to search for my tools. Gone. These were not my “good” tools, they are still back in Iowa, but they are the tools I carry on the truck, and were very useful for what I needed to do.

Wednesday, I registered the boat. “I’m sorry Sir, we only take cash or check.” (Who carries a checkbook any more?) Back to the truck for a checkbook. Then off to the grocery store, Harbor Freight, and the marine hardware store. More distractions.

Finally, on Thursday, all my distracting ties to officialdom and land had been taken care of and we were moved on to our new home.

By that afternoon we were sailing, and I was really wishing I had asked more questions about the boat, and looked around a little more. Heh heh stay tuned!


The Transaction2

The Transaction4The Dance 32

The Dance1


2 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. You’re living my dream Kevin and Sherlene. Through the years I’ve often day dreamed of living aboard a small sailboat and traveling the world. Though I’ve only been aboard a sailboat twice in my life, the perceived lifestyle in my mind was one of peace, serenity, and a oneness with the universe. I know that there is far more to it than my boyish dreams grasp, and I doubt that I will ever endeavor to sail much beyond the sight of land, but you can bet that I am going to live vicariously through your posts and I look forward to the adventures that you bring… all good I pray. Thanks for sharing your dream with me. Congrats on living the dream.


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