A Smooth Move

Kevin and I recently remarked how once we listed our home, everything since has conspired to launch us into this new life with remarkable ease. A week after re-listing the house with a different agent, we had 2 offers. We accepted the 2nd one and they were pre-approved for a loan and living in an apartment so didn’t have a house to sell. The time from offer to closing was 6 weeks and went off without a hitch, not even the dreaded inspection turned up anything significant.

Prior to our vacation in August, we spent hours online searching for boats to look at that fit our criteria. (Note: when it comes to buying a sailboat, we have read about people who have spent months, even years traveling far and wide to find “the perfect vessel”). We ourselves had spent years honing our list of priorities. We knew what was important to us and what would be nice and definite “nots”.

In the final days of our search, one came up we had never previously considered. It was a Ketch (A Ketch has 2 masts which could require more maintenance and money). I can’t even remember how it came into our sights but the more we looked at it, the more we realized it was one that had to be added to our list. It also was more than we wanted to spend. A lot more! Turns out it was “the one” so by making an offer that was at the top end of our price range we felt sure the seller would counter. But… our offer was accepted with just a couple of concessions on the boat inventory which we agreed to. We wrap up the deal September 8th and take possession of our new home.

This ease has continued with moving our meager belongings from the midwest to the west coast as well. Since we drive a truck for a j-o-b we had a trip that went right past our old home town and during daylight hours! We loaded up 5 of our 14 totes inside our now cramped but cozy cab and wondered how long we’d haul them around. Turns out our next load took us right out to Tacoma. We found a 4×5 storage space, had it rented on the spot and moved in 4 days after we picked up our booty.

Totes Stacked on the Top Bunk

After years of encountering roadblocks we started to simplify our wishlist and desires. Now it seems events are working in our favor so although it seems we are starting over, it was the right thing to do.


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