Waiting is hard to do

Being Professional Truck Drivers means we spend enormous chunks of time away on the road. Like 4-6 weeks at a time. On vacation this month, 2 days after our offer was accepted for Wings of the Morning we drove off, leaving our new boat behind, feeling quite like parents abandoning their newborn.

The lifestyle we choose 8 years ago has been the vehicle to becoming debt free and saving up for this moment. Kevin and I are both adventurers with gypsy hearts and it has been a great career. But now… we live for Thursdays (payday) while we are out on the road and count down the weeks & days until we can return to our newborn and fly with the wind into newfound adventure and a new playground!



4 thoughts on “Waiting is hard to do

  1. Hey Guys, It really is a beautiful looking boat. You guys made a great choice. We’re really happy that you’ve made the dream a reality. Now get out there!


  2. Hi Sherlene!
    Welcome to the Northwest! What a journey you’ve been on!
    Hope you get settled into your boat.
    We had a great first trip. Stayed mostly close by and had all the weather. But great to be out. Let us know if we can help pass along any info.



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