Breathless! It seems interminable, this waiting until June 20th, the day we close on the sale of our house. For nearly the better part of 7 years we have plotted and planned in multiple schemes just how to achieve our dreams; dreams that have been like ripe fruit at the top of a tree, just out of reach; dreams that have been in the making for 20 years or more.Sold

And yet the ladder to reach them has been placed squarely at the base of the tree, our feet planted on the bottom rung suspended just above the rat race but tethered by a thin cord of paperwork that is strained to the snapping point by anticipation.

Over the years, we have both come to a conclusion… reduce and simplify. To live in freedom from things and of the so-called American Dream. There was a time when homes were smaller, themed bedrooms and backyards weren’t the norm, when recreation was camping without the big screen and cellphone and after-school/work activities were climbing trees and mountains, swimming or flying kites, and visiting your friends & family didn’t result in discussions over what was posted on the internet or the latest events on some TV show. Years ago we ditched cable in favor of air-channels. And on the truck we ditched the TV.

By the beginning of last year we began half-heartedly to push and get our house on the market, still unsure of whether selling was the right thing to do. But in June of 2013 we went back to OTR team trucking and after an unsatisfactory beginning with a company we made a decision. We chose our next company for their location near the San Juan Islands with the intent of someday, just maybe, living our dream.

After just 6 weeks on the new job, we decided selling was the only way to get there and thus began our stepping onto the first rung. We started by giving away stuff, lots of stuff! The more we gave away the lighter we felt. It was glorious!

By end of December we were ready to talk to our realtor. By first of January it was listed. It was a cold, bitter winter and little activity resulted. Through a series of other events we changed realtors just about the time the market was picking up. The first 5 days of the new listing we had 2 offers! We heartily accepted the 2nd offer, the first being too low so now we wait…


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