(Original Post Dated May 25, 2011 ~ Updated June 11, 2014)

I’m really inspired by what I see others doing with their lives. Recently, I found the website: Sailing for SOS. He is hooked up with the SOS outfit, and sails around visiting, and promoting their orphanages.

That inspired me to look at my favorite organizations, and see what I could do with them. Wouldn’t it be cool to sail to islands in the Pacific and find schools and children supported by Compassion International? They do a lot of work in Mexico, and the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia. All places I would love to go.

To begin my efforts I am going to start a blog chronicling my journey. I have to start where I am, and that just happens to be, on a truck, in Denver Colorado, waiting to pick up a load to Chicago.

My wife and I drive truck for Interstate Distributors out of Tacoma, WA. We have been trucking for nearly eight years now. Long enough, that the wonder of seeing new places everyday has worn a little thin. We both still love the open road and the sights, but living on a moving truck, with all the inconveniences that entails, well, we would like to move on. Financially, that is not an option, so we stay, for now.

Looking back on where we were five years ago though keeps us going. Five years ago, we owed the IRS a good chunk. We had credit card debt, personal debt, and after I got blood clots in my legs, and lungs, medical debt. Slowly but surely we paid all that off, refinanced the house at a much lower rate and payment, (without adding to the mortgage.) and started saving.

Along with saving, we began educating ourselves about investing. We started out with an investment advisor, and when we realized how much of our savings he was soaking up in fees, we took the leap to investing on our own behalf.  It has been hit and miss, but mostly hit. We have done well I believe, and what it may have cost us in mistakes, we earned back in knowledge, and experience.

We are now topping off the emergency fund, and are getting ready to do some serious saving/investing for a boat. The goal of course will be to buy a used a sailboat, and furbish/refurbish her to seaworthiness, without borrowing the money.

At some point, using money that we have saved explicitly for this purpose, we will quit our jobs and go sailing. The plan now is to go south to the Mexican Sea of Cortez. From the research we have done, we know that we can live very cheaply, less than $1000.00 a month, on our sail boat. We will live this way until the money we have saved is gone, then we will come back and go to work saving for another sailing adventure.
Eventually, we would like to circumnavigate the Pacific, taking us to all those islands in the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Which brings me back to the truck.

We have learned a lot in five years of truck driving. In writing this blog, I will try to high-light some of the things we have learned.  For instance we rarely, only when we want to, eat off the truck at restaurants. We prepare all of our meals from food we keep on the truck. This saves us a pile of money, and keeps us out of the buffet line at the truck stops. We have learned long ago how to sleep on a moving truck, and how to handle some of the “personal” matters that everyone else does everyday, but while rolling along  at 60 mph.

If any of this: what we are doing now, and what we are planning for the future, is of interest to you please come back and travel with us, I hope to make it exciting!


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